Our mission is to provide 100 million students the necessary foundational skills to thrive into the future irrespective of their economic circumstances.

Top: Prototyping the 4C’s with our experienced educatorsBottom(left to right): 1st awesome Ayara certified educators, Teaching the 4C’s in online classes, Teaching design to students in South Africa.

Our origin story

The current educational model has remained largely unchanged for decades.

It is not sufficiently able to teach children how to adapt to and thrive in a changing technological, economic and social environments.Yet, there have been many important strides to bring advancement into the classroom. Classes oncoding and robotics, as well as an increased focus on STEM make it easier for the next generation to get to grips with technology. But in the majority, schools focusison the technology alone – as a consequence of this, students are not learning the necessary skills to equip them to face an increasing complex and uncertain future in the global market.

Experts agree that educators should spend more time teaching the 4 C’s

Inside and outside the formal education system, experts confirm that training students on the skills of the future will better prepare children for an uncertain and ambiguous future. The 4C’s are a subset of this and are core to the life skills curriculum in schools across the world.

This is where we come in.

Ayara is a learning platform that empowers educator and students by:

Providing online tools, training, content and continuous feedback about the skills of the future
Nurturing a network to share knowledge and to teach each other
Connecting across geographies and radically increasing 4C's skills through applied subjects.