The foundational skills of the past - reading, writing, and arithmetic - are no longer sufficient for children to thrive in the chaos and complexity of the future. We need to teach our students to be creative, to communicate, to collaborate, and to think critically as citizens and for the betterment of their community.

Co-created with educators, the Ayara challenge is a fun and engaging program that introduces your child to these “C” skills of the future over the course of 4-6 weeks.


Form your Ayara Challenge team:
Gather 2 or more teammates to create your Ayara Challenge team. This may be members of your child’s household, community or classroom.

Download the Ayara Challenge Instructions:
All the necessary instructional videos, templates, playbooks and method cards are available for free here.

Pick a problem to solve
Pick a problem that is important to the Challenge team or community and embark on an interactive design-led program that gets your team out from behind their desks and devices and into an action-based, collaborative problem-solving process.

Ayara's Double Diamond Design Process

This 4 phase program contains 16 individual activities.Each activity has been intentionally developed and tested to teach children how to collaborate together, communicate with each other, think critically and deliver creatively.