Can we implement the 4C's without teachers? The answer is, NO! We need teachers.

Ken Kay, CEO of EDLeader21, believes that the 21st century education initiative can not be accomplished without the aid of teachers. Teachers need to be actively involved, engaged, and developed in the conversations around the practice of the 4C's: Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Becoming a 21st Century School or District: Use the 4Cs to Support Teachers (6 of 7)
Focus on the 4Cs in student work, and meaningful feedback and evaluations for teachers, says Ken Kay in this 6th blog in a series on 21st century leadership.

At Ayara, we believe that by providing parents and educators information, tools, and a space to collaborate, we will together create a world where our children have the foundational skills needed to thrive in the future. Join our movement today!

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