How will education be post-corona? How can we ensure successful adaptation to the 'new normal'?

It was difficult to discuss the classroom of the future, because it was something that existed in some faraway time. But the truth is, education is changing right now and change is never easy. Author and professor of Business and Financial Law at Tilburg University, Erik P.M Vermeulen posses the question of "what will happen next?" He emphasizes the need for creating a new educational experience that draws on collaborative and creative problem-solving.  

The author is of the notion that the classroom needs to be a representation of the real world while still encompassing a digital educational experience.

The Classroom of the Future? A Total Disruption of Education
I sat in many meetings and had lots of conversations trying to persuade my colleagues of the need for change. What we teach? Too much of the content has become irrelevant. It makes no sense to teach…

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