How do the 4C's enable better digital learning?

Following the High level Policy Forum at TECH 2018, UNESCO MGIEP's director, Anantha Kumar Duraiappah released their industry guidelines for digital learning.

Learning has always been core to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Quality Education is in itself a goal but the right modality and method of education is paramount to the long term sustainability of the other 16 goals. Core to the new guidelines are the 4C's - Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking & Creativity.

The paper also points out that mainstreaming social and emotional learning, developed through the 4C's  in schools not only reduces academic stress and anxiety, decreases dropout rate, improves behavior but also improves academic performance.

The guidelines offered in this document are a first draft to provide a holistic system of characteristics and parameters important for delivering active and engaging learning through digital solutions. We hope that these will be further elaborated

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