As technology changes the world at a rapid pace, how can we ensure our children are educated to succeed in this new world?

Author Peter H. Diamandis, Executive Founder of Singularity University, describes five issues he believes are prevalent in today's elementary schools and how we might change education to better prepare our students. The five attributes he feels are most critical for children to become successful adults in the future? Passion, curiosity, imagination, grit/persistence and critical thinking.

A Model for the Future of Education
I imagine a future in which AI and robotics will allow us to find answers and accomplish tasks quickly and easily, simply by stating our desires.

At Ayara, we believe that by providing parents and educators information, tools, and a space to collaborate, we will together create a world where our children have the foundational skills needed to thrive in the future. Join our movement today!

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We provide students with the necessary foundational skills to thrive into the future. Ayara is a learning platform that empowers students to succeed in an uncertain world by teaching them the 4C’s through a variety of applied subjects. Experts, both inside and outside the formal education system, a…