Are we able to imagine the world in 20 years from now? Probably not with any accuracy.

Are we able to provide our kids with the skills they need to succeed? At Ayara, we believe absolutely yes.

We may not have a crystal ball to tell us the skills our kids will need in 20 years. But, we can equip our students with a foundation of skills to give them the best chance of thriving in the future. These skills are the 4Cs: creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The 4Cs can give students a framework of skills that are useful now and make our kids future fit.

Learning the 4C’s empowers children to be comfortable with uncertainty. They learn to solve problems, identify opportunities and apply creativity. Unfortunately, traditional education models don’t have the time or capability to embed new skills like the 4C’s into their already packed curriculum.

We believe it is time to close the gap in traditional education. Ayara helps educators bring 4C’s curriculum into the classroom through fun, applied learning.

We intervene systematically by providing easy to access, fun to use, digitally engaging content. This helps teachers facilitate better learning outcomes and enables students to be the best version of themselves.

At Ayara, we use technology to provide content at scale.

The Ayara platform supports both formal and informal education models. It is available to both educators and students. And we’ve built it so it is accessible to both developed and developing markets.

We create a dynamic experience for educators and students to interact with each other through our proprietary online platform.

Students and teachers can share their experiences and collaborate on content. They can also provide mutual support. Universally accessible, our platform also fosters conversations that cross cultural and geographical boundaries. Teaching the 4C’s with Ayara gives our students the skills the world will need in the future.

While no one can anticipate the disruption ahead of us, we can teach our children to deal with the challenges of their time. By making the 4C’s accessible, we can close the gap in traditional education.

This is why we created Ayara