Reading, writing, and arithmetic have traditionally been the cornerstones of education. But the world has evolved and so too must our thinking on education. We need to add the 4C’s, creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking as the foundational skills of the future.

Together, the 4 C’s make our children future fit.

Rebecca Winthrop from the Brookings Institution said, “We need people who are not just very narrowly trained in their discipline but we need people who can think outside the box and can think critically and get creative.”

The ability to combine different ideas to explore new opportunities, to collaborate across disciplines with new 4iR technologies, and to be comfortable in an uncertain and ambiguous world will be an essential survival skill.

It would be impossible for any school to comprehend the full breadth and impact of technological opportunity. And even harder to predict how we might use future technology. Thus, having hyper-specific skills like data science or systems engineering may be advantageous.  But, the truth is we simply don’t know yet.

What we do know is that beyond being technology aware, we need new foundational skills, for a new world.

Creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking are widely acknowledged as the new foundational skills. With the 4C’s, students learn how to analyze problems and identify opportunities. They work in partnership with others to problem-solve. And they learn to creatively look at new ways of applying technology.

The 4C’s empower students to confidently solve challenges in new and creative ways.

Our certified Ayara educators teach students the 4C’s in a series of applied subjects. We make it fun for learners to gain critical life skills that they can apply, irrespective of their academic ability, career preference, economic circumstance, or geographical location. Instead of dis intermediating educators, we empower them with certified training, online tools, content, continuous feedback, and the ability to share knowledge and teach each other.

In turn, our teachers empower children to master the skills of tomorrow, today.